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Audiophile in-car sound, where instinct meets innovation

Going beyond the ordinary car audio solutions that’s where our instinct comes in.


The next level of
OEM Integration

Audison Forza amplifiers boast more power than everwith the audiophile sound of the latest-generation Audison D-Class technology.
The completely-new bit Drive PC software can analyze, route, and correct the signal in completely new ways

bit Drive

With bit Drive, Audison delivers the DSP software of the future.
It configures itself for each product it controls,
allowing it to control bit products we haven’t even imagined yet!

Your OEM audio system upgrade

Find the right Audison Prima components and configure the best sound system for your vehicle.

Audison’s R&D team has collaborated with some of the leading boat manufacturers in the USA to develop specific speakers and electronics to bring the iconic Audison sound to boats.

Thanks to the Maestro AR interfaces, Audison AF Forza amplifiers can operate in the same manner – receiving pure, unprocessed sound which has not passed through the OEM amplification-and-processing stage.


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