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October 24, 2017

bit One HD Virtuoso FIR mode   Audio quality increased thanks to the lack of phase rotations on the crossover cut-off IIR digital filters faithfully simulate analog filters (active or passive), approximating phase and frequency behavior. Like their analog equivalents, they are affected by unavoidable phase rotations at the cut-off frequency, which are different based on the type of curve used (Butterworth, Linkwitz, Bessel), however still perceived when listening.In practice, for instance, a fourth-order low-pass IIR filter (24 dB /...

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October 24, 2017

Thesis speakers are the first to develop into eID, the exclusive technology providing Audison product traceability starting from the manufacturing stage. The eID code, linked to the serial number, is assigned to the product once the QC checks are completed and assigned to the country/market of destination at the time of shipment. Thanks to the eID technology, the user can check the product technical, manufacturing and logistic information by simply scanning the code and proceeding with the product registration, to...

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October 1, 2017

Audison is proud to announce a revolutionary digital audio technology for automobiles: bit Drive. Audison has a tradition of innovation; each new project making a qualitative leap in high fidelity mobile sound. Our “no-compromise” philosophy, our constant attention to new technologies and being plugged-in to rapid developments in the market have made it possible for this milestone: complete digital audio in the mobile environment. With the introduction of the brand new bit One HD, bit Ten and bit Ten D...

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