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October 21, 2021

With this article we will understand why Audison Virtuoso 3.0 MPC (Mobile Phase Correction) technology is so important to achieve the highest listening quality in the car cabin. Sound waves have amplitude and phase characteristics. Amplitude is how powerful the wave is. The higher the pressure peaks, the louder the sound is perceived to be. Phase describes the timing of the wave – when the pressure peaks are occurring. Humans can often hear if the phase of the sound wave...

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May 5, 2021

Dear Audison enthusiast, we wish to inform you that a major software and firmware upgrade for Audison bit One HD and bit One HD Virtuoso is available below: Virtuoso 3.0 web page The new release include the following features showing that even if you don’t have a bit Tune, the bit Virtuoso 3.0 gives the user advanced manual and automated tuning capabilities for both amplitude and phase:     – Built-in RTA with target curve support (display, creation, importing) and...

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