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Thanks to the Audison B-CON go app, it is now not only possible to enjoy music in High-Res® quality via Bluetooth, but also to remotely control the Audison Forza DSP amplifier or the bit One HD Virtuoso via Bluetooth.

The main functions of the app at a glance:

  • Integrated player display of the streaming service used
  • Master Volume
  • Subwoofer Volume
  • Preset Switching
  • Input Sources Switching
  • Bass Boost On/Off (Bit One HD Virtuoso only)
  • Dynamic EQ on/off (Bit One HD Virtuoso only)
  • Fader/Balance
  • Amplifier Temperature (Forza Bit Amplifier only)
  • Supply voltage indicator
  • Final Tuning Off/On (Forza Bit Amps Only)

Mirroring of the player/streaming service

The integrated mirroring of the player/streaming service used on the smartphone allows unprecedented control in a single APP. This allows you to control functions such as: forward/backward, play/pause directly in the B-Con app with all other functions on a single page. In addition, the current resolution of the data transfer is displayed.

Master Volume slider

The Master Volume slider in the APP controls the volume at the output of the amplifier. This has the great advantage that the bit depth of the playback remains untouched and thus full Possible resolution is always guaranteed. The volume can also be changed using the volume up/down buttons on the phone, which simplifies the operation.

Automatic warning tones and switching of the input source

With the new bit Drive 1.2 features of automatic warning tones and automatic switching of the input source(s) available on Forza DSP amps, real high-res audio streaming can be enjoyed even in current, highly complex vehicles with PDC/warning tones/turn signals . To do this, the warning tones are automatically switched through while the streaming is muted.

Always-on critical info display

In order to keep an eye on the important voltage and temperature parameters at all times, they are displayed statically on every page.

Customizable Layout

In addition to the intuitive operation, the individual pages can be adapted to different layouts according to the user’s wishes.

B-CON go App requires the following hardware:

Updater software v2.1.0
See article: installation of the updater

Firmware upgrade v2.1.0
See tutorial: B-CON Firmware upgrade tutorial


Bluetooth firmware upgrade v2.1.0
See tutorial: B-CON FW Bluetooth upgrade

and is currently compatible with:

Firmware upgrade v3.1.1
See article: Firmware upgrade


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