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An Essential Upgrade for Both Tuning Professionals and Audiophile Enthusiasts


Splash Screen of the bit Drive Software Updated to Upgrade 2.0

Audison is pleased to announce the launch of the 2.0 update for our renowned bit Drive software, now available for free download. This upgrade marks a significant advancement for enthusiasts and professionals in the car audio field, offering advanced tools for impeccable and personalized sound tuning. With bit Drive 2.0, every user has the opportunity to elevate their vehicle’s audio experience at no additional cost, leveraging our innovative integrated features.

New Features of bit Drive 2.0



Auto Level Alignment

ACCORDO Auto Level Alignment sets the levels of the output channels in order to satisfy a desired amplitude response specified by the user, ensuring optimal tonal balance suited to personal preference.

Auto Time Alignment

ACCORDO Auto Time Alignment sets the delays of the output channels in order to align the times of arrival of each speaker at the measurement position, ensuring optimal sound staging.

Auto EQ

ACCORDO Auto EQ sets the equalizer of the output channels in order to improve the response of each speaker by correcting the unfavorable effects of the cabin’s acoustics, ensuring a perceptually-even frequency response both in amplitude and phase.

UPMIXER: Expanding the Sound Stage

An upmixer delivers multichannel sound from two channels of stereo input. Upmixers help overcome many limitations of the automotive environment – they deliver symmetrical stereo presentations for multiple listening locations, and they increase the apparent size of the vehicle cabin.

This internal Upmixer is very flexible and can be configured to enable a variety of systems. The front left, right, and center channel outputs of the Upmixer deliver the stereo presentation. The rear surround channels increase the apparent size of the cabin by enhancing ambiance.

Possible Upmixed System Configurations:

  • Front Stereo, Center-channel, and Sub (3.1)
  • Front Stereo, Rear Surround, and Sub (4.1)
  • Front Stereo, Center-channel, Rear Stereo, and Sub (3.1 + stereo rear)
  • Stereo, Center, Rear Surround, and Sub (5.1)
  • Stereo Front, Stereo Rear, Rear Surround, and Sub (6.1)
  • Stereo Front, Stereo Rear, Center, Rear Surround, and Sub (7.1)

The Upmixer can also be used without a subwoofer if desired.

Any of the five upmixed channels can be routed to any desired output channels. Once processed, they can be divided into band-limited, driver-specific channels using crossover filters. The Front Stereo can be full-range, active 2-way, or active 3-way, for example. The Center can be full range or active 2-way. Even the Rear Surround could be configured in this way, although this would be rare in practical application.

Temporal Delay Management Window Integrated in the Main GUI

An intuitive interface in the main GUI allows for precise delay adjustments without the need to navigate through multiple windows. Direct access via keyboard or incremental control makes setup quick and efficient, ideal for technicians and enthusiasts who desire tailor-made configurations.

Target Curve Management

With import and export options, users can easily save and share their audio configurations. The 11-band parametric EQ offers further customization possibilities, tailoring the sound to the specific needs of each listener.

Preferred Memories

Further personalize your listening experience with preferred memories for different audio sources, automatically switching when moving between sources.

Turn On Setup

Added Turn On Setup feature: in the Default volatile data window it is now possible to choose volume/source/memory settings for each turn-on of the device

Improved Inputs and Outputs

Improvement of the proposed inputs and outputs configurations on the Configuration Wizard

Help files

Updated Help files


The introduction of keyboard shortcuts allows quick access to many software functions, optimizing time and enhancing efficiency during use.

Free Download

The upgrade to version 2.0 of the bit Drive software is completely free and already available to all users. We invite everyone to download this update to experience the new features and improve the audio experience in their vehicle. Visit our website for the download and for more information on how to maximize the potential of your audio system with bit Drive 2.0.

bit Drive v2.0 Release notes:

Accordo is an advanced cabin-correction algorithm developed by Audison R&D team that acoustically tunes a car-audio system to a selected target, with time and phase alignment, in just a few minutes.

The Accordo wizard procedure performs output EQ, level and time delay adjustments (or just one of them if you wish) by using any external microphone or soundcard.

  • Choose your microphone, connect it to the laptop and place it on the desired listening position.
  • Select you target curve among the default ones available in bitDrive, or create easily your own target curve depending on your preferences.

Accordo will do the rest in a few seconds, and your system will be ready to sound !

The Upmixer feature is a bitDrive own algorithm developed to get a wider spatial image for both driver and passenger seats. That improves considerably the listening experience and the stereo panorama for all listeners!

  • The algorithm allows to reproduce only the monophonic music contents on the center speaker, which means only the contents available at the same time on both left front and right front channels.
  • Instead, the stereophonic music contents (played only by either left or right channels) are only kept on the left or right channels accordingly, without affecting the center speaker.
  • 3 Upmixer modes (Wide, Default, Narrow) are available depending on the preferences for the stage width.

The Output time delay settings have been moved on the bitDrive main UI to improve the easy of configuration and fine set operations

  • Choose Distance mode and add the speaker distances on the text boxes. bit Drive will automatically calculate in real time the time delay values (they will be visible and editable in Delay mode)
  • Choose Delay mode If you prefer to enter directly the time delay values
  • Use the Up/Down arrows to fine set the delays/distances by ± 01ms or ± 1cm
  • Press the link button and select the checkboxes to link group of speakers and set group delays

The selection of target curves for tuning your system with a microphone has now a set o powerful and user-friendly tools available:

  • Added an eleven parametric/graphic band EQ to modify and create your own curve
  • Added selection among one of the six preloaded curves available with bitDrive
  • Added options to Import and export target curve files on your laptop

The new REW Import Function allows to import EQ Filter settings from REW, a popular software used fo advanced acoustic measurements and data processing.

The feature is now available in bit Drive for each Output channel EQ and for the Final Tuning EQ.

In REW you can decide Target Levels, Frequency Range where you want to be Match to your Target Curve, Maximum Boost and several other options to customize the EQ filters calculation.

Then make your acoustic measurements with REW, select Audison among the options to let REW calculating the EQ filter settings that are compatible with Audison products and you will be able to import them in bit Drive with a click.

It is now possible to select a preferential memory for any Source enabled in bitDrive.

Every time a source change is forced either by DRC AC, DRC MP CAN, B-CON streaming, B-CON go app or triggers, the device will automatically switch the selected preferential memory.

Speed up your tuning operations with the use of keyboard to set EQ, delays, levels, memory/source selections, and many other commands.

The keyboard layout are compatible with QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards.

bitDrive 2.0 is compatible also with the AF M1.7 bit, the brand new AF amplifier which is not just a mono amp, but a real dsp amplifier equipped with additional 6 pre-outs and all the bitDrive software capabilities for tuning your entire system. bitDrive 2.0 adds in this product some cool features to improve your Sub response:

  • Superbass: increase the perceived frequency response at very low frequencies even for smaller subwoofers;
  • Fixed Bass Boost: add a fixed boost up to +6dB at the desired frequency;
  • Dynamic Bass Boost: add variable boost up to +6dB that changes according to the input signal level.

Both Fixed and Dynamic Bass Boost can be enabled for each of the six available memories in bitDrive.

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