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October 13, 2022

AF Forza – The Big Three

Some have been overwhelmed with the number of improvements in Audison AF Forza and bit Drive software.  We’ve often heard “where do we start?

There are three big areas where Forza moves the category forward: 1 Power.

Audison Forza 5-channel amp is now 1000 total watts RMS - over 2X the power! 100x4 at 4Ω, 600x1 @ 2Ω, RMS. The new AF Compact 8-channel is almost double the power of the model it replaces. The other amplifiers have similar increases. Forza lives up to its name! Audison_Forza_gift_box


2 Tuning.

Audison bit Drive software gives you more - more EQ bands per channel, more phase filter controls per channel, a global Final Tuning EQ, and more visibility into the results (with our integrated real-time analyzer user interface).

Your USB measurement microphone turns bit Drive software into a real-time analyzer, where the acoustic readout is combined with the EQ graph for the utmost in simplicity.

Most models have 6 unique processed preamp outputs in addition to the amplified channels (the AF M12.14 bit has 2 processed preamp channels on top of the 12 amplified channels). Want 8 cabin speakers plus a subwoofer? Add any 4-channel to the bit 5-channel for a 9-channel system!


3 OEM Signal Correction.

This is the big one. This is a complete revamp of Audisons OEM analysis and correction tools, which satisfies the desire for simplicity from rookie installation technicians, but delivers the control requested by the most advanced technicians!

Audison bit processors have had de-EQ since the beginning, but until now, correcting phase and time was only possible in bit One HD Virtuoso. Now AF Forza can correct OEM phase, time, and EQ processing with only a few clicks!

We are hearing from dealers around the world who are finding and correcting OEM processing with AF Forza - often in vehicles, they hadn’t expected to! Delayed rears, phase-equalized fronts, delayed woofers - AF Forza handles them all, and this is perhaps its most important advance: If we dont start with signals aligned in phase and time, it can be very difficult to get great sound.

AF Forza can solve problems at the front end - the input signal - and thus save you time on the back end, as you’re tuning the sound.




This suite of signal correction tools, along with the bit Drive user interface, truly sets AF Forza apart.

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