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May 30, 2023

All Channels Driven – an audiophile design philosophy

A note about how we make all Audison amplifiers, the "All Channels Driven" design philosophy.

To Mr Emidio Vagnoni, "the father of Audison", all audio amplifiers needed to be able to make rated power on all channels simultaneously. Anything less was a compromise.

Some amplifiers today purposely "throttle back" some channels compared to others, deciding which channels need to make their rated power based on how they are being used.

Now, designing an amplifier with purpose-specific channels is one thing. Audison has produced many of these designs, such as the groundbreaking AV 5.1k 5-channel amplifier and the LRx 6.900 six-channel amplifier.

In those cases, Audison rated each channel appropriately so that the customer understood how much power was able to be counted on as available. No matter how we think amplifiers may be used, our dealers always find innovative system designs that break new ground. The best amplifier is one which is flexible.

We are surprised to learn that some "modern" amplifiers list one power rating for appearance's sake, but deliver significantly less power on most channels, depending on the use case. We have even had dealers tell us these amplifiers make this optimistic rating on all channels at the same time - when that is simply impossible.

For a power amplifier to deliver rated power on all channels at the same time, the power supply must be able to handle the cumulative demand. In these cases, the power supply may be clever in how it manages its limited resources, but it is not able to handle all channels driven to rated power at one time.

The benefit of Audison's All Channels Driven approach to the in-car audiophile is that - regardless of the application - clean audiophile power is guaranteed. This approach also meets the ANSI international industry standard for amplifier specifications.

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