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February 3, 2023

Maestro AR interfaces for Audison Forza amplifiers

Thanks to the Maestro AR interfaces, Audison AF Forza amplifiers can operate in the same manner - receiving pure, unprocessed sound which has not passed through the OEM amplification-and-processing stage, and integrating all the essential non-entertainment signals required in modern vehicles! The sound quality of an aftermarket head unit, with the integration and design of the OEM infotainment system - yours with AF Forza and Maestro! The installation is performed with integration T-harnesses, for maximum simplicity and efficiency.

Many premium OEM sound systems use a common architecture: the source unit relays unprocessed audio signal to an amplifier, and also communicates with that amplifier on some data network connection. When the driver changes any audio setting of the system - volume, front/rear fade, bass/treble tone controls, etc. these commands are relayed on the network, and performed in the OEM amplifier. In addition, all vehicle-specific processing - phase, delay, and EQ processing - is performed in the OEM amplifier. The OEM amplifier also handles integrating all non-entertainment sounds - handsfree audio, telematics audio, chimes, and alert tones.

As of this writing, Maestro AR products cover over 1200 vehicles, with more being added regularly. In addition, iDatalink can now reprogram hundreds of OEM head units in non-amplified systems to operate in amplified mode, with all the benefits mentioned above! (See the iDatalink application guide for specifics vehicle information.)

Some Maestro interfaces offer a Toslink output, and AF can integrate with this Toslink signal and deliver pristine sound. In applications where the signal into the Maestro device is digital, using the Toslink into AF Forza results in a fully-digital signal path - Full DA HD! With these devices, AF Forza maintains the directional nature of the safety tones - something which cannot be done with Toslink-only signals (Maestro and AF Forza work together to route a combination of digital audio and analog non-entertainment signals as needed).

Thanks to AF Forza’s high-speed native serial data port (reserved for Maestro), lightning-quick responsiveness to the OEM controls is now possible. In addition, some OEM controls can be configured to perform specific aftermarket functions!

  • automatic adjustment of the AF bit amplifier’s input level
  • specific AF bit functions managed by the OEM source tone controls
  • use of the bass control as the subwoofer volume level control
  • selection of AF bit presets using the OEM source controls

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