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May 5, 2021

Virtuoso 3.0 SW-FW upgrade

Audison Virtuoso 3.0

Dear Audison enthusiast, we wish to inform you that a major software and firmware upgrade for Audison bit One HD and bit One HD Virtuoso is available below:

Virtuoso 3.0 web page The new release include the following features showing that even if you don’t have a bit Tune, the bit Virtuoso 3.0 gives the user advanced manual and automated tuning capabilities for both amplitude and phase:




- Built-in RTA with target curve support (display, creation, importing) and correction file support. It can use your USB mic or USB sound card, or the bit Tune (but bit Tune is not required). Mic correction files can be imported.

- Support for importing recommended EQ filter settings from REW (REW does not correct phase, and REW use is not supported by Elettromedia)






- MAC (mobile amplitude correction) using the RTA measurement and selected target curve (for those without a bit Tune). Does not correct phase








- Graphic or Parametric EQ modes (If started in GEQ mode, Input, Output, and Main EQs all switch to Graphic)






- Virtuoso 3.0 also adds Dynamic operation to the Bass Boost feature, and adds a signal-driven option to Dynamic EQ. That means that Dynamic EQ can be configured to work from the OEM volume control, rather than only working from the DRC volume knob


Audison_Virtuoso_Dynamic_EQ   Audison_Virtuoso_Dynamic_Bass_Boost  


- All-pass filters in the Output EQ section now allow free center frequency assignment (supporting manual phase equalization”) You can also activate the "Phase" flag to show in real time the Phase shift



Audison_Virtuoso_view_options Audison_Virtuoso_Phase_Shift_view


- Improved input signal measurement for de-EQ and de-Phase




- Virtuoso now remains powered on as long as a USB PC is connected, even if ACC drops out during tuning due to a push-to-start ACC timer. It is now possible to initialize the output configuration without repeating the whole wizard from the beginning. Wizard menu can be recalled from the drop-down menu or from the gear icon on the channel map




- You can convert from ms to cm on DELAY / Fine Set




- "Auto Input Switch" offer now the possibility of automatically switch to Optical 1 input when signal is detected. In the RVA menu you can now choose between an AUX cable and the USB dongle



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