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October 28, 2019



bitOneHD Virtuoso Sharc DSP


FIR filters therefore provide a better audio quality. So why are they used only by the bit One HD Virtuoso? Implementing a FIR filter requires the DSP chip to work with an enormous array of numbers and with much more complex calculations, and is therefore much more burdensome than the one of an IIR filter. As a result, the DSP Analog Device entry level chips of the "Sigma" family other audio processors are built with do not allow FIR filters to be used because the DSP chip does not have enough computing resources to handle this and other features. In addition, the processor control software that uses the SIGMA chips is generated using the "Sigma Studio" graphic interface, which provides a series of pre-set audio codecs to the developers and none of these codecs have FIR filtering. The bit One HD Virtuoso is the only digital audio processor for automotive use equipped with the SHARC series Hi-End Analog Device Processor ADSP-21489. This processor works with a 32-bit floating-point computing unit, a feature that provides it with a dynamic range far superior than the inexpensive fixed-point "Sigma" used by other processors. However, the higher computational power and precision of the SHARC series DSPs requires expert hands to be exploited to the full. It is not enough, as in the DSPs of the "Sigma" family, to use the supplied codecs. That is why a development team with a deep understanding of algorithms programming for digital signal processing is needed. The experience in programming SHARC processors that the Audison development team has built since 2006, with the implementation of the bit One, has made it possible to reach a new level of audio quality for the bit One HD Virtuoso. A new software allows the user to exploit the whole power of the SHARC processor by employing FIR filters on a 9-channel output platform enabling the creation of high-performance audio systems up to 4-way + subwoofer. The result is a quality of sound signal processing which is deeply different from any other DSP. This unique listening experience is achieved thanks to the excellent work of the development team and to the state-of-the-art SHARC DSP, raising audio quality to a level never reached before.

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