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October 29, 2019


The constant work of the Audison development team has produced the new software / firmware release v.2.0 in order to:

1. Strengthen the integration with the latest generation OEM systems and at the same time raise the performance level of Hi-End systems with a “purist” approach in Full DA HD configuration

2. Offer even more powerful signal processing tools to specialists including new types of filters

3. Make the use of PC-Software even more immediate through a renewed GUI that facilitates the work of specialists

bitOne_HD_Virtuosos_FIR bitOne_HD_Virtuosos_FIR


A) Only one FW to support both FIR and IIR digital networks.

You can choose FIR or IIR version without the need to update the FW as for the previous release. The SW 2.0 is compatible with both network filter types and is also designed for remote control via an additional Wi-Fi module.

B) Added Pass-through input configuration (MASTER)

you can now choose between 2 approaches for the input setup:

1. Automatic routing: consists on the traditional Audison I/O routing approach, applicable to both OEM integration (hi-level) or After-market (low-level) scenarios, and it is based on signal summing, signal reconditioning & flattening. With this setup type, automatic algorithm options named DE-EQ / DE-Phase, Compensation of TA, Polarity check and Auto Input Switch can be selected.

2. Pass-through: consists on an alternative I/O routing approach dedicated to OEM sound systems (hi-level), that is literally based on “pass-through” the existing OEM infotainment’s output channels (connected to bit One HD Virtuoso’s speaker level inputs) to the bit One HD Virtuoso’s outputs. The SW doesn’t perform any signal summing and front reconditioning or flattening. However, the factory output channels are analyzed by the SW, that is able to identify bandwidth and factory TA. All this information is displayed in the input analysis dashboard, and can be evaluated and manually compensated by the user, thanks to the new SW sound tuning capabilities (EQ filters).


bit One HD Virtuoso Open SW

bit One HD Virtuoso Open SW


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