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Audison Forza amplifiers boast more power than ever, with the audiophile sound of the latest-generation Audison D-Class technology. Bridging amplifier channels to more than double the power is a time-honored technique which Audison includes in every Forza multichannel amplifier. Fully Bridgeable means that every channel pair can be bridged, without exclusion, letting Audison dealers design and build exactly the system you’re looking for!


The Audison R&D team succeeded in the difficult task of condensing traditional Audison power and quality into the palm of your hand. The reduction in dimension was achieved with the use of a special power supply, never employed in Car Audio, along with the most advanced electronic components available in the market. All of this together provides Prima amplifiers the ability to achieve high power delivery, ensuring, at the same time, unheard-of thermal stability.

SR 1.500

A sophisticated design distinguishes the SR amplifiers, a complete line that ranges from 5 channels to monophonic, all featuring the use of the most advanced D Class technology, for exceptional audio performance within compact dimensions. 

AV 5.1k HD

The precious synergy between Voce amplifiers and Full DA HD technology takes the in-car listening experience to a new level of excellence; the synthesis of a unique know-how employed in mobile audio reproduction.

HV venti

The Thesis project, a perfect synergy between technique and emotion, is dedicated to the most demanding audiophiles. Distinguished by the absolute lack of compromise and the very high technological content, it reserves parameters of excellence and absolute quality to each component. HV venti, defined by experts all over the world, “The Amplifier”, represents a universal reference. A project of high engineering focused on extraordinary musicality, transparency, and naturalness. TH amplifiers are born from the know-how obtained with HV venti with the integration of digital technology.


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