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Here you can find the list of our latest software and firmware updates for ADS iDatalink MAESTRO AR universal amplifier replacement interface. You will find the .pdf installation guide inside of each compressed folder, containing the release notes and describing all the info and steps needed for updating your bit Nove or Prima AP bit amplifier to be used with MAESTRO AR interface only.


Please contact our staff if you need additional info or visit the iDatalink MAESTRO AR webpage to check the vehicles compatibility and ask for more information and support just by clicking on the iDatalink logo below:

Important Remark: Audison Prima AP bit amplifiers and bit Nove compatibilities with iDataLink MAESTRO AR interface are currently available for North American market only.

bit Nove update v. for ADS iDatalink MAESTRO AR interface

AP F8.9 bit update v. for ADS iDataLink MAESTRO AR interface

AP bit all models update v. for ADS iDataLink MAESTRO AR interface

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