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May 11, 2011

AMICOM 2011: another success by Elettromedia

The main attraction of the Elettromedia booth were two extraordinary demo cars: the Alfa Romeo Giulietta “Audison Voce”and the Fiat Grande Punto “Hertz SPL”. The Audison Giulietta offered to the visitors a new and exclusive listening experience with the revolutionary Audison Full DA 24bit/96kHz system, while the SPL Punto astonished everybody for this spectacular cosmetics and its incredible sound power. As conclusion to the event, a last-decibel challenge was launched between the Hertz demo car and the stage audio system which was elivening the pavilion, and the winner was the car, greeted with an intense applause by the audience who was still visiting the booths! Many were the guests who visited the Elettromedia booth, which was made up two areas: one dedicated to the Hertz products, displaying all the lines including the new Mille line, an another one dedicated to the Audison products; additionally, in an exclusive area within the booth the brand new Hertz HDP and Audison Voce amplifierswere exhibited. Besides the listening experience and the display of the new products, the Elettromedia booth hosted several commercial meetings with its European partners, for business agreements as well as exchange of know-how and ideas. The high audience attendance at the booth confirmed another important international success for Elettromedia: we now only have to wait for the 2012 edition!

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