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May 5, 2017

AP bit software update enabling communication with Maestro AR

With Maestro AR, ADS has developed new technology to enable consumers to keep their highly integrated, large screen factory radios, but easily upgrade the amplifier and speakers. This technology, coupled with an Audison Prima bit product*, greatly simplifies the installation process. The installer can use a perfectly flat audio signal from the factory radio, eliminating the need for channel summing and the associated labor to de-equalize and re-time align the audio signals after the factory amplifier. The Maestro AR will convert the vehicle CAN bus messages into control messages for the bit DSP embedded in Prima amplifiers. The factory audio signals are routed directly to the Prima inputs so the unprocessed factory audio signal “before the amplifier” can be used to generate the DSP outputs audio signals. The result is perfect integration with factory installed navigation, advanced safety systems, and voice-controlled hands-free and infotainment. The Maestro AR also maps factory controls to functions previously controlled by the Audison DRC. For example, the bass tone control can be used to control subwoofer volume. The installation is completed using one of three T-harnesses sold separately. Vehicle coverage includes 2011 and up Ford vehicles with My Ford Touch and Sony amplifiers as well as 2011 and up Chrysler vehicles with 8 inch screens and factory amplifiers. Toyota/Lexus coverage will follow. Retail partners can purchase the Maestro AR lineup and Audison Prima bit products through the existing distribution channels. * the optical input of the AP bit amps marked with a release version prior to R03 will be not usable when the amplifiers are connected with iDalink Maestro AR interface. R03 and R04 releases of all models will be fully compliant. You can check the release version on the bottom plate of the amp.


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