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September 3, 2019

Bit One HD – New SW/FW 2.0

Here you can download the bit One HD SW v. & FW v. update and the Thesis amplifiers FW v1.09. Here you can download the new set of Test Tracks (mandatory). This release has been developed to meet the following targets:

  1. Cope with the most challenging OEM integration scenarios, giving users unique tools to effectively overcome limitations of the new infotainments, and reconstruct the best sound even from premium sound systems automatically.
  2. Enhance the sound tuning tools and features, improving and adding more EQ bands, filters and advanced functions to satisfy the most demanding sound experts.
  3. Improve the usability of the Graphical User Interface (GUI), introducing new functionalities while tailoring both concept and behaviour to be used by specialists in professional sound tuning sessions.


Once bit One HD is connected, the new SW GUI will look as above.

  • Enlarged EQ section by 25% and exchanged with Output level section.
  • Added Battery voltage status monitor.
  • Added filter settings (TA and X-over) and EQ pop-up windows.
  • Other graphic enhancements and new functionalities to speed up tuning sessions.

I/O configuration wizard has been redesigned to add new functionalities and algorithms.

  • FIR or IIR digital network can be chosen since beginning, without any FW update.
  • Added Pass-through input configuration to deal with advanced OEM sound systems.
  • Added Automatic Polarity Check of input speaker wires.
  • Improved De-EQ by adding De-Phase analysis to fix OEM All-pass filters automatically.
  • Added Input analysis dashboard to check measured input signals freq. response.
  • Expanded output speaker configuration capability (4-way Front, 3-way Rear, Surround)


SW usability really counts during intensive sound tuning sessions.

  • Added many EQ poles (FIR and IIR) for InputMain and Channels EQs.
  • Improved EQ digital filtering and single EQ pole accuracy.
  • Added Slow / Fast roll settings of DAC.
  • Added Notch filters to cut portion of bandwidth.
  • Added All-pass filters, 1st and 2nd order slopes, to better match the crossover bands (channel EQ) or fix OEM radios manually (Input EQ).


Product Manual, Release notes (short version) and more details can be found inside of each compressed folder and on our official website. Remark#1: new set of test tracks are required to use new SW input analysis. Remark#2: new Thesis FW v1.09 is required only when using a FULL DA configuration and the output speaker configuration is extended (4-way Front, 3-way Rear, Surround).

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