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April 11, 2006


The Car + Sound Show, the 100% car audio/video Show, managed once again to surprise the fans, but most of all the car audio and car entertainement professionals: an element which confirms the importance of the Sinsheim event for the field experts. The Elettromedia booth was as rich of attractions as ever before and people were constantly coming to visit it: there were quite a few times that they actually rushed at it! Inside the booth some very nice girls have been staying for three days at the flank of the displayed demo cars. Within the Elettromedia area there was a Chrysler 300C equipped with an Audison VRx, a Hertz MLK 3 three-way front system, a central channel based on two Hertz ML 500 R and two Hertz ML 280 and a Hertz MLK 2 two-way back system. Then, you could also admire a Hertz ML 5400 D subwoofer in the trunk and the Connection accessories that were used to do the wiring: everything was framed in a fibreglass structure. Next to it, there was a car with a different style but not less impressing: it is an Alfa GT with the brand new Hertz products, the ML subwoofers and the HP amplifiers. Just like we did in Rimini, in Sinsheim as well Elettromedia showed the "made in Italy" Twister 900 prototype car and the two-seat vehicle received an even louder success: hundreds of visitors crowded around the car while the engine was made roar at intervals, pushing it beyond the 10.000 RPMs'. Elettromedia was present everywhere within the Show area. Apart from the two-floor huge stand, the company set up a Hertz display area within the dB Drag area and an Audison area at the EMMA pavillion. At the Hertz display area, the visitors had the chance to witness the extraordinary sound pressure performances of Fiat Punto GT and of an SPL Van, which was built by the Elettromedia’s German partner A.C.V.. In both the vehicles Audison LRx amplifiers and Hertz speakers were installed. At the EMMA space, EMMA being one of the most well-established sound quality international circuits, the visitors could listen to the powerful sound of two amazing demo cars: a Mercedes Class C and an Opel Astra. The Mercedes Class C was equipped with one Thesis HV Venti, a Hertz MLK 2 two-way system and the brand new Hertz ML 3000 subwoofer installed in it, while in the Opel Astra that was realized by Mr. Steven Sailer, a real master of demo cars, from Austria, three Thesis HV Venti’s, the Hertz MLK 2 two-way system and three Hertz HX 250 subwoofers were installed. Moreover, these were all hide-away installations realized in the factory provided compartments. The Car + Sound Show established itself as one of the major world events for car audio/video and Elettromedia was in the centre of this world stage.

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