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September 9, 2019

Prima active subwoofer Dynamic Bass Tracking technology

Input stage DBT (Dynamic Bass Tracking) technology allows fully use of the he-li high efficiency amplifier power of APBX 10 AS2 / APBX 8 AS2 to enjoy a tense and dynamic bass even at very high listening volumes.

DBT monitors the input signal in real time by detecting in advance the peaks which, if not processed, will bring the amplifier / subwoofer system into uncontrolled distortion, when it is pushed to maximum power.

DBT prevents this critical condition by processing the attack and release of the peak in advance according to parameters optimized based on the perception of sound by the auditory system.

The result is amazing, the perception of pressure and acoustic quality are greatly emphasized thanks to the intervention of the (DBT), which "favors" the extremely dynamic and defined reproduction of low frequencies, even at maximum power.

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