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extremely compact size and elegant look

For the first time, Audison has made an amplifier equipped with a builtin
processor. This feature opens a new era: the incredible power of our DSP is now put at the service of OEM Integration. The presence of the processor ensures full compatibility of Prima amplifiers with the bit Drive technology: the amplifiers feature seven Drive presets corresponding to different system setups, selectable according to your own preference via a rotary dial. This solution reduces the setup time to a minimum, also eliminating any possibility of error.

The Prima amplifier line is made up of three models featuring a nine channel DSP, all channels independently adjustable via PC software. The difference is found in the powered amplifier channels;
AP8.9 bit: 35 W x 8 @ 4 Ω
AP5.9 bit: 20 W x 2; 50 W x 2; 150 W x 1 @ 4 Ω
AP4.9 bit: 70 W x 4 @ 4 Ω.
In addition to the bit models, there are two non-DSP models, working as extensions of power;
AP4 D: 70 W x 4 @ 4 Ω
AP1 D: 540 W x 1 @ 2 Ω


Integrating an aftermarket audio system

Compatibility issues

Easy to install

Fine-tune the system for the exact car model

Fine-tune the system

for the exact car model


Audison Prima sound packs

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The R&D team succeeded in the difficult task of condensing traditional Audison power and quality into the palm of your hand. The reduction in dimension was achieved with the use of a special power supply, never employed in Car Audio, along with the most advanced electronic components available in the market. All of this together, provides the ability to achieve high power delivery, ensuring, at the same time, unheard of thermal stability.

We are proud to introduce the AP F8.9 bit, created for the most demanding integration projects, where high power is required along with the flexibility of the nine-channel DSP.
The word “Forza”, meaning “Power” in Italian, well describes the 8 x 85 W RMS and 4 x 260 in bridge mode (RMS @ 4Ω), with an optimal power to size ratio.

The built-in DSP functions are similar to those found on bit Ten and bit One, but there is something new and important on the equalizer output. Unlike a 31-band graphic equalizer, the AP bit equalizer features 10 parametric “poles” to draw the target curve via the PC software. This solution preserves a noticeable amount of resources for the DSP, with the plus of providing better acoustic response, thanks to the drastic reduction of phase variations found in graphic equalizers.


The AP bit amplifiers built-in processor provides the ability to set new performance standards for OEM Integration, ensuring full compatibility with the bit Drive technology. Through the management software, the powerful 32 bit DSP ensures all the functionalities which made the Audison bit One and bit Ten renowned worldwide.

Dedicated software

 7 pre-configured presets for a Plug & Sound experience

To respond to the need of connecting the amplifier to the OEM amplifiers power supply cables, often with reduced gauge, the Audison R&D team equipped the Prima amplifiers with an innovative management circuit which constantly monitors in real-time the power supply current consumption. If a high amount of current is requested for a long duration, which may heat up the cables, the circuit immediately limits only the power peaks, letting the amplifier continue to play. This solution provides higher safety and reliability in OEM upgrade applications.


The innovative power supply stage ensures very high efficiency and stability for the amplifiers, capable of short term operation with as little as 7 Volts!
This eliminates the numerous problems and disadvantages integrating aftermarket systems with vehicles featuring Start&Stop technology.
In order to solve the problem associated with OEM amplifiers that feature signal interruption, shutting down when a proper speaker “load” is not present as often found in aftermarket Integration, the Prima amplifiers feature ASP (Automatic Speaker Presence).  Available as an optional plug-in accessory, this circuit provides the ability to simulate the OEM speakers’ presence during the short time frame the head unit performs the check after being turned on, thus avoiding any interruption of the signal being sent to the amplifier.

Thanks to the nine-channel DSP, the only one available within the Car Audio industry, the combinations are virtually unlimited: for instance, you can choose to connect an AP5.9 bit with the supplied link cables to an AP4 D amplifier, creating a very powerful system with minimum space. All the bit models feature six analog input channels, four for the Front/Rear and two ore selectable channels, all equipped with sensitivity adjustment manageable via software.

AUX input, selectable via the DRC. Another interesting possibility the six input channels offer is to use the fifth channel as a center channel input, with the sixth for a subwoofer input; passing the Dolby Digital system signals should the OEM head unit be equipped with it. The bit amplifiers also feature an optical digital input (96 kHz/24 bit) selectable via the DRC, making them fully compatible with the Audison Full DA technology.


The Prima amplifiers feature functions recently fine-tuned by the R&D team:
ART (Automatic Remote Turn On/Off), automatically turning on and off via the connection of the source unit speaker outputs;
AST (Automatic Signal Turn On/Off), when connected via the PRE input, automatically turning on when signal is detected and turning off when signal is not available for a specified time.


To improve OEM Integration, the Audison Prima amplifiers are equipped with quick release connectors for quick, fail-safe Plug&Play installations. Using the optional “rack mounting” kit, you can stack Audison Prima amplifiers without cooling issues, preserving the most precious requirement of OEM Integration: SPACE!

Advanced OEM integration capabilities

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The integrated processor is equipped with a dedicated software (downloadable from www.audison.com) and pre-configured presets for a Plug & Sound experience.

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Thanks to the built-in Audison USS technology (Universal Speakers Simulator), AP F8.9 bit can also be correctly connected to head-units with “speaker load detection” function that monitors the presence of a low-impedance load to enable the audio outputs.

Full Digital Audio tecnology provides pure digital signal transfer from the source, through the processor into the amplifiers.


Thanks to the Maestro AR interface you can directly connect Prima Forza APF8.9 bit, AP8.9 bit, AP5.9 bit, AP4.9 bit to the head unit, using a dedicated T-Harness, permanently removing the OEM amplifier from the system.

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