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Prima subwoofer components
have been developed with a primary goal:

to deliver high output in tight spaces

With the aim of providing high acoustic output
even when used with lower power, the APS 8 R was designed
for use in reflex enclosures.


Prima subwoofers arose from the need to further upgrade OEM systems previously enhanced with Prima speakers and electronics; extending the low-frequency response, generating huge impact adding to the excitement of listening. Able to meet any requirements, the Prima subwoofers are available as a “Loaded Enclosure” or “Components”, expanding the possibilities for specialists to create their one of a kind system.


Prima subwoofers are designed for maximum performance when used with AP amplifiers. They work in perfect synergy with their native electronics, taking advantage of their on-board DSP to blend the subwoofers low frequency extension with the rest of
the system. The Audison R&D staff focused much of their energy on simulation and the measurement of low-frequency acoustic response in different cabins. Measurement analyses combined with acoustic simulations and listening tests ensured the definition
of the best characteristics for both enclosures and components with one target in mind: to maximize performance using all the available power while maintaining a compact enclosure.

4.7” deep only including grill!

The Prima loaded enclosure design came from an essential concept: adaptability to all installation needs. Every detail was designed to facilitate the integration of the enclosure in the car, with Hi-Tech features and cosmetic finishes.

Rounded corners allow easy positioning in the trunk and act as reinforcement to reduce enclosure resonance.


The R&D staff have carefully summarized test results, creating three models designed to make the most of configurations made possible with the Audison Prima amplifiers range, taking advantage of the BASS BOOST feature and integrated parametric
equalizer of the DSP. To maximize performance according to available power, the following were defined for each model: type of enclosure (reflex/sealed), minimum impedance (load) and the subwoofers electroacoustic parameters.

The APBX 8 R loaded enclosure was developed with reflex loadingwith tuning designed to concentrate SPL in the lowest frequency range. The aim was to exploit the natural boost in output found in most cars below 60 Hz known as “cabin gain”.
The 8-inch single 4 Ω voice-coil subwoofer has a powerful motor that maximizes efficiency in combination with the AP8.9 bit amplifier. The low-resonant frequency of the subwoofer, matched to the reflex enclosure keeps excursion low within the entire audio spectrum, allowing also the use with a pair of AP4.9 bit / AP4 D bridged channels, capable of delivering 260 W rms.

The APBX 8 DS loaded enclosure provides the highest performance/size ratio. For this purpose an 8.5 lt. sealed enclosure with a 4+4 Ω dual voice-coil configuration was adopted to exploit the full power of an AP5.9 bit (paralleling voice coils for a 2-ohm load) or with two pairs of AP8.9 bit bridged channels (one bridged pair of channels to
each voice coil). The speaker’s high excursion capability allows the use of the proprietary BASS BOOST of AP bit amplifiers to make use of all the available power for rich and dynamic bass.
*See Audison Prima Subwoofer application table.

The APBX 10 DS, a 10” subwoofer loaded in a 12-litres sealed enclosure, is the line’s “flagship”. It is dedicated to the highest performing Prima systems, using the AP1 D amplifier for the sub section. The speaker’s mechanical excursion of more than 18 mm provides for incredible authority, while the refined Thiele&Small parameters set-up provides the ideal balance for all music genres.
The new sealed enclosure APBX 10 S4S, designed to house the new APS 10 S4S subwoofer with a single 4 Ω voice coil, is the ideal choice to be driven by the new AP F8.9 bit using two channels bridged.

The sturdy metal grille ensures total protection of the subwoofer.


2S²-2 Sides/2 Sounds provides the ability to choose between two physical mounting methods creating two distinct aesthetics and sound results for the Audison Prima loaded enclosures. 2 Sounds is so named thanks to the choice of Up-Firing and Down-Firing mounting options. 2 Sides satisfies the cosmetic taste of every enthusiast. The Audison R&D staff tailored performance for both operating modes, leaving the choice of the sound to the preference of the listener who can maximize performance with the Audison AP bit amplifiers’ powerful integrated DSP:

Down-Firing: increases the low-frequency extension for a richer sound.
Up-Firing: more punch and definition for a highly dynamic experience.


The enclosures SSP terminal block features both traditional push contacts and a Plug & Play connector. When using the push contacts, impedance is set to the lowest value by using the supplied bridge connector inserted into the Plug & Play terminal block (APBX 10 DS/8DS = 2 Ω, APBX 8 R=4 Ω). The “Plug & Play” connector configures the impedance as required and provides a quick release if the enclosure needs to be removed and protects against short-circuits.

A series of dedicated Plug & Play harnesses are provided to easily combine APBX enclosures with the AP amplifiers.

With SSP Sub-Smart Plug subwoofer installation is a breeze.


With the same philosophy as the loaded enclosures, the R&D staff condensed all the possible combinations within the AP* amplifiers in three component subwoofer models, removing all barriers to creativity with custom installations.
Prima subwoofer components have been developed with a primary goal: to deliver high output in tight spaces.

Output is a matter of excursion; the more air the cone moves, the more output. However reduced mounting depth traditionally has meant low excursion. Prima subwoofers employ a special conedustcap-basket geometry which guarantees large excursion of the mobile group, while keeping the mounting depth to a minimum. The surround and spider have been carefully designed to prevent the “rocking-mode” phenomenon. 
The cooling circuit has been designed with air vents on the basket underneath the spider, eliminating the need for vents on the bottom-plate. This allows the subwoofer to be mounted close to the back wall of the enclosure, making the most of the reduced mounting depth.

*See Audison Prima Subwoofer application table.

The APS 10 D and APS 8D models are designed to delivermaximum performance in a sealed enclosure with ultra-compact volumes; from as small as 10 and 7.5 lt., with optimal values of 12 and 8.5 lt. respectively. Both dual voice coil and single voice coil versions feature push connectors for ease of wiring and configurations.
With the aim of providing high acoustical output even when used with lower power, the APS 8 R was designed for use in an 8.5-litres reflex enclosure, with tuning between 30 and 40Hz.
The APS 8 R has been specifically developed to be combined with either the AP8.9 bit or AP4.9 bit / AP4 D.

The new 25 cm (10 in.) APS 10 S4S features a single 4Ω voice coil that makes it ideal to be driven by the new AP F8.9 bit amplifier with built-in DSP that delivers an outstanding 260 W RMS with two channels bridged. Also interesting is the possibility to create custom enclosures with two APS 10 S4S driven by the AP 1D amplifier using the 540 W RMS delivered on the 2Ω load resulting from the drivers connection in parallel.

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