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AFBMW ReAMP 3 Accessories | Plug&Play T-Harness to install Audison AF bit on BMW

This Plug&Play T-Harness provides the ability to install an Audison AF bit amplifier on BMW vehicles equipped with RAM module. It is compatible with "Standard" and "Hi-Fi" sound systems. The OEM seven-channel amplifier is connected via a forty-two pin multipolar connector.

AFBMW ReAMP 3 allows AF Forza user to:

1. Retrieve the OEM source front mid/high, rear mid/high, underseat low-pass, and center signals.
2. Route the AF bit amplifier outputs to each of the OEM amplifier seven channels: (Mid-Hi FL; Mid-Hi FR; WF FL; WF FR; RL; RR; Centre)
   - The Plug&Play terminals enable the user to choose which AF bit output to connect to each of the seven channels of the OEM audio system.
   - It is also possible to bridge the outputs of the AF bit amplifier.
3. Keep the OEM amplifier on.

The AFBMW ReAMP 3 can also be used with the Audison AP F IN ADP accessory (not included in the box) for a full Plug&Play connection to an AP F8.9 bit amplifier.


  1. Compatibility with RAM module-equipped 676 HiFi audio package and Audison AF bit amplifier
    • the use of other products may require modifications and additional connections to the vehicle
    • 676 HiFi systems use 2Ω woofers. Do not bridge two channels into a 2Ω load, since protection shutdown or amplifier damage may result. To use bridged channel, the user needs to replace the OEM 2Ω woofers with Audison APBMW S8-4.2 4Ω woofers. Please, make sure to confirm proper bridge wiring.
  2. Use the Hi-level input configuration #11 (2-way front + rear + center) during the bit Drive Wizard configuration process. This is essential to properly route the input signal to the bit processor section.
  3. Confirm proper application
    • APBMW ReAMP 1, APBMW ReAMP 2 and AFBMW ReAMP 3 use identical connectors, but with different pinouts. They are not interchangeable.

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