DSP Amps
Subwoofer Box




29 mm


150 W Peak Power


8 ohm

The exclusive AIF technology (Any Install Faceplate) of the AP 1P Tweeter component provides the installer with 3 different faceplates for total application versatility and a significant reduction in installation time. The double Neodymium tablet used in the motor provides an excellent extension in high frequency and together with the 1 CCAW voice coil ensures an outstanding dynamic response. AIF technology, to support OEM integration, provides the specialist with three different types of faceplates:

  1. OEM, for an easy and correct factory placement
  2. Mesh grille: to obtain the best compromise between protection and performance with a-pillar installations.
  3. Spoke grille: for maximum acoustic performance with a-pillar installationsThanks to the AIF, the AP 1P tweeter expresses its full potential in every application scenario. It is supplied with three mounting accessories that make the AP 1P install a breeze: 1. Watch band; 2. Double-angle cup; 3. Flush Mounting Ring; 4. Metal mounting spring

Technical Specs

Size 25 mm
Power Handling - Peak 150 W
Power Handling Crossover Hi-pass filtered @2.5 kHz 12dB/oct
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency Response 1,2 ÷ 25k Hz
Crossover name APCX P 2T
Crossover Type High Pass 12 dB/oct.
Crossover point 4 kHz
Crossover adjustment Tweeter Level: 0 / +3 dB
Magnet Material NEODYMIUM
Voice Coil Ø 25 mm
Woofer Qes 1.74

Electric-acoustic Specs

D 29 mm
Re 5.75 Ohm
Fs 1600 Hz
Mms 0.23 g
Cms 0.05 mm/N
BL 2.7 T•m
Qms 4
Qts 1.21
Le Standard 0.04 mH
Spl 92 dB


Weight 0.067 kg
Crossover Weight 0.065 kg


Dimension A 43.7 mm
Dimension C 21.8 mm
Dimension D 12.2 mm
Dimension G 72 mm
Dimension H 45.5 mm


  • AIF technology (Any Install Faceplate) for total application versatility and a significant reduction in installation time.
  • Three mounting accessories supplied to provide a solution for any type
    of installation.
  • Magnetic group with double Neodymium tablet for an excellent high-frequency extension.
  • 1 CCAW voice coil for superior dynamic response.
  • Dome profile optimized with FEM simulations for a wide off-axis

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