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AP T-H FCA01 Accessories | T-Harness Plug&Play solution for FIAT and CHRYSLER

The Audison T-Harness is the perfect Plug&Play solution for integrating your car's factory audio system with the exceptional sound quality offered by Audison. With the T-Harness, you can enjoy a high-quality audio experience in your vehicle, fully leveraging the potential of Audison products without having to make complex modifications to the existing audio system.


  1. Designed specifically for your vehicle, for maximum OEM integration.
  2. Connection to the AP Extension cable through ISO connectors.
  3. Possibility to supply power to the amplifier via the direct cockpit
    current system, without the need of routing the cable through the
    engine compartment (with Audison Prima DCC solution).
  4. ACC wire to re-launch ignition key signal to turn on / off an external device. The connector does not ensure the optical wires connection, where available, to the
    OEM source. It is required to disconnect the optical wires from the OEM connector and to
    connect them to the AP T-Harness. In those vehicles featuring ignition key connection wire (ACC wire), see compatibility list.

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