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APBMW S8-2.2 Subwoofer Driver | 300 W Peak Power | 200 mm | 2 ohm

The 200 mm (8 in.) APBMW S subwoofers allow a direct replacement of the OEM speakers underneath the front seats, making the most of the factory acoustic load and generating deep and crisp low frequencies. The Neodymium magnet allows for greater power and control than ferrite while maintaining the depth of installation unaltered.

Technical Specs

Size 200 mm
Power Handling - Peak 300 W
Power Handling - Continuous 150 W
Impedance 2 Ohm
Frequency Response 40-500 Hz
Magnet Material NEODYMIUM
Voice Coil Ø 50 mm
Voice Coil Material COPPER
Woofer Qes 0,67
Former Material ALUMINUUM
Chassis Material PLASTIC
Surround Material RUBBER
Xmax 7 mm
Xmech 10 mm

Electric-acoustic Specs

D 159 mm
Driver Displacement Volume 1.2
Re 2.2 Ohm
Fs 40 Hz
Vas 22.3 l
Mms 42 g
Cms 0.4 mm/N
BL 5.6 T•m
Qms 2.1
Qts 0.5
Diaphragm Area 198.6 cm2
Le Standard 0.3 mH
Reference Efficiency 0.18
Spl 91 dB


Weight 1.21 kg


APBMW S8-2.2
Dimension A 217 mm
Dimension B 239 mm
Dimension C 191 mm
Dimension D 55.2 mm
Dimension E 32 mm
Dimension F 229
Dimension G 5 mm


  • Developed with electroacoustic parameters customized for BMW-Mini to increase listening engagement, through powerful and crisp low frequencies, exploiting the acoustic load provided by the factory box.
  • Neodymium Magnetic group with an inverted acoustic structure featuring an internal cone, to maximize performance while minimizing bulk and weight.
  • 38 mm voice coil wound on aluminum support for considerable power dissipation and stability even during high excursions.
  • Two 5 mm gaskets were provided for OEM placements.
  •  2-ohm configuration for maximum output in combination with AP 8.9 bit in active multi-amplification.

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