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AV 5.1k HD Amplifier | 1650 W | 2 x 75 W @ 4ohm + 2 x 250 W @ 2ohm + 1 x 1000 W @ 2ohm | AB-class / Digital Inputs Only

Voce AV
5.1k HD, 1650W (RMS) total, 5-channel power audio amplifier: hybrid design made
up of two 75 W A Class channels, two 250 W AB Class channels and one 1000 W D
Class channel.

This unique
combination of technologies, each especially suitable for one specific audio
section, makes the AV 5.1k HD amplifier the perfect choice to build active
two-way Front systems: Tweeter/MID-Tweeter (A Class) + Woofer (AB Class) and
Subwoofer (D Class), or Front + Rear + Subwoofer systems.

AV 5.1k HD
is the first Car Audio amplifier featuring digital inputs only, providing the
ability to connect directly to the digital outputs of a digital signal
processor (DSP).

this connection, made via the Audison AD Link available on the Audison
processors (bit One, bit Ten D), a Full DA HD audio chain can be created.

Thanks to
this chain, the high resolution (96kHz/24 bit) digital audio signal coming from
a hi-res audio player or B-CON hi-res streaming device, via the processor, can
be obtained up to just the Digital/Analog converter of the amplifier’s audio
chain, ensuring maximum reduction of any signal deterioration.

Thanks to
its input connectivity, the Audison AC Link can also be connected to control
the amplifier as well as the AC Link and AD Link outputs, to expand the audio
system with other Audison Voce amplifiers.

features make AV 5.1k HD the most advanced amplifier available in the market,
perfect to appreciate the quality of Hi-Res audio files.

Amplifier Tech Data

Channels 5
Class AB-Class
Remote OUT 12 VDC - 50mA
Remote IN 7 ÷ 15 VDC - 1mA

Amplifier Stage

Distortion - THD @ 100 Hz, 4Ω, 70% Rated Power Distortion - THD (1k Hz @ 4Ω ) A, B Ch: 0.05 % - THD (100 Hz @ 4Ω), C (sub) Ch: 0.3 %
Bandwidth A (-3 dB) A, B Ch: 5 ÷ 20k Hz
-3 dB) C (sub) Ch: 7 ÷ 350 Hz
S/N ratio A (A weighted @ 1V): A, B Ch: 100 dB
(A weighted @ 1V): C (sub) Ch: 87 dB
Damping factor A (1k Hz @ 4Ω) A, B Ch: 100
(100 Hz @ 4Ω) C (sub) Ch: 80
Total Power RMS 1650 W
Output Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD • 5 Ch: 75 W x 2 (4Ω) + 140 W x 2 (4Ω) + 600 W x 1 (4Ω)

• 5 Ch: 75 W x 2 (4Ω) + 140 W x 2 (4Ω) + 1000 W x 1 (2Ω)

• 5 Ch: 75 W x 2 (4Ω) + 250 W x 2 (2Ω) + 1000 W x 1 (2Ω)
Adjustable Crossover No

CEA Specifications

Output power @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N, 14.4 V Output power @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N, 14.4 V:
75 W x 2 + 140 W x 2 + 600 W x 1
SN ratio (ref. 1W output) SN ratio (ref. 1W output):
75 W Channels: 80 dBA
140 W Channels: 80 dBA
600 W Channels: 78 dBA


Fuse 100 A
Weight 7.2 kg


AV 5.1k HD
Dimension A 470 mm
Dimension B 399 mm
Dimension C 220 mm
Dimension D 198 mm
Dimension E 58 mm


  • Hybrid design made up of two 75 W A Class channels, two 250 W AB Class channels, and one 1000 W D Class channel
  • AD Link connection to create a Full DA HD chain with bit One HD Virtuoso processor
  • Hi-Res audio certification thanks to 192 kHz/24-bit built-in DA converters and 4 ÷ 60k Hz bandwidth


AV 5.1k HD
Hi-Res audio

According to the definition of HiRes audio provided by JAS (Japan Audio Society – jas-audio.or.jp), AV5.1k HD exceeds the 24 bit / 96 kHz digital to analog conversion processing requirement, providing an astonishing 24 bit / 192 kHz

AV 5.1k HD

Pure digital signal transfer with a resolution up to 24 bit / 96 kHz

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