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AV due Amplifier | 900 W total power | 2 x 450 W @ 2ohm | AB-class

AV due is a powerful stereo amplifier with the power supply section and final stage designed to work also in mono and tri-mode, ensure very high output current, with powers up to 900 W (RMS).

AMP (Amplifier Management Processor) constantly checks the operating status system and comm unicates with the user through 4 different coloured LEDs, located on the top panel; ART (Automatic Remote Turn On-Off) allows automatic turn-on/off when a remote signal isnâ„¢t available from the source.

Amplifier Tech Data

Channels 2
Class AB-Class
Hi Level Input Yes
Low Level Input Yes
Digital Input Yes
Power supply voltage / fuse 11 ÷ 15 VDC
Idling current 1.7 A
Idling current when off 0.02 mA
Consumption @ 14.4 VDC, 2Ω, Max Musical Power 65 A
Remote OUT 12 VDC - 50mA
Remote IN 7 ÷ 15 VDC - 1mA
ART - Automatic Remote Turn on/off from OUTPUT BTL speakers (Selectable) Selectable

Amplifier Stage

Distortion - THD @ 100 Hz, 4Ω, 70% Rated Power 0.04 %
Bandwidth A (-3 dB, 2 VRMS, 4 Ω): 4 ÷ 60k Hz
S/N ratio A (A weighted @ 1 V): 100 dBA
Damping factor A (1kHz, 4 Ohms): 120
Input sensitivity Pre-In 0.3 ÷ 5 V RMS
Pre In Impedance 15k Ω
Input sensitivity Speaker-In 1.4 ÷ 24 V RMS
Input impedance Speaker-In 5k Ω
Total Power RMS 900 W
Minimum load impedance 2Ω
Output Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD • 2 Ch: 260 W x 2 (4Ω)

• 2 Ch: 450 W x 2 (2Ω)

• 1 Ch: 900 W x 1 (4Ω)
Adjustable Crossover Yes

CEA Specifications

Output power @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N, 14.4 V Output power @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N, 14.4 V: 260 W x 2 Ch
SN ratio (ref. 1W output) SN ratio (ref. 1 W output): 80 dBA


Input Type Pre IN / Speakers IN
Filters Outputs Pre OUT Full Range
Filter Pass A (Full / Hi-Pass / Lo-Pass): 50 ÷ 5k Hz (2 range) @ 12 dB/Oct.
Filter Pass B (Lo-Pass 24 dB mono): 50 ÷ 500 Hz @ 24 dB/Oct.
Remote Sub Volume -50 ÷ 6) dB


Fuse 60 A
Weight 7.2 kg


AV due
Dimension A 470 mm
Dimension B 399 mm
Dimension C 220 mm
Dimension D 198 mm
Dimension E 58 mm


AV bit IN HD
AV bit IN HD
Digital interface for all AV amplifiers, for perfect digital connection with Audison bit processors provided with AD Link and AC Link connections. By mounting the AV bit IN Digital Interface onto the Voce amplifier series, through the AD Link connection the S/PDIF digital signal will get directly to the high quality internal D/A converters. After these, the signal becomes analog and is imm ediately amplified preventing it from deterioration due to the long paths. The result is extremely high quality music, not achievable with any other analog system. It offers one AD Link and AC Link input, as well as one AD Link and AC Link output in order to drive a multi-amplified system. Thanks to its digital panel with 3 character display and 4 push buttons, you can select the amplifier type, mono or stereo mode, and also the digital channel coming from the audio processor. AV bit IN HD features two new switches on the front panel: one provides you with the ability of turning off the gain control of the amplifier to achieve an improved Signal to Noise ratio. With the second switch you can control the DSP remote start function. Connection to amplifier: remove analog crossover module and insert AV bit IN module into the amplifierâ„¢s front side. It requires no external power supply.
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  • Hi-Res audio certification thanks to 4 ÷ 60k Hz bandwidth
  • 2 x 450 W @ 2-ohm audiophile AB Class
  • Built-in 24 dB/oct filters 


Hi-Res audio

According to the definition of HiRes audio provided by JAS (Japan Audio Society – jas-audio.or.jp), Voce amplifiers exceed the above 40 kHz bandwith analog requirement, providing an astonishing 4 ÷ 60k Hz (@ -3 dB, 2 VRMS, 4 Ω).

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