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B-CON Accessories | Hi-Res Bluetooth Receiver | Hi-Res Audio 24bit / 96kHz with Android L-DAC

Audison B-CON is a Bluetooth 5.0® streaming device designed for automotive use that has obtained the Hi-Res audio wireless certification from JAS (Japan Audio Society). B-CON is the ideal choice for streaming audio from a Hi-Res player (Fiio, Sony Walkman...) and from the latest generation Android/Apple mobile devices. To avoid the loss of resolution that occurs when changing the volume of the mobile device, B-CON features an Absolute Volume function to directly control the Master volume of the connected Audison processor from the mobile device itself. This ensures a full dynamic range signal. B-CON can be connected with an Audison AF bit amplifier or the bit One HD Virtuoso to get full Hi-Res streaming performances. B-CON is also fully compatible with the bit Nove processor and the AP bit/AP F8.9 bit amplifiers of the Audison Prima line. The B-CON features also a micro-USB power plug for non-automotive use

Receiver Tech Data

Power Supply Voltage 6 ÷ 24 VDC
Idling Current 70 mA
Remote IN 3 ÷ 12 VDC (0.5 mA)
Bluetooth Data

Type: Bluetooth 5.0 + EDR


Profile: Bluetooth A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6

Digital Input Optical: S/PDIF Optical (Max 24 bit/192 kHz)
Digital Output Optical: S/PDIF Optical (Max 24 bit/192 kHz)
Analog Output Performance

Bandwith (MAX) 20 ÷ 48k Hz

Output Level 2 VRMS

Distortion – THD @1 kHz, 1 VRMS 0.003%

S/N RATIO (A weighted) 100 dBA


  • Up to 96 kHz / 24-bit BT streaming
  • LDAC codec compatibility for Android devices
  • ACC codec compatibility for iOS devices
  • Automatic handsfree call manage
  • Absolute volume function, to ensure a full dynamic range audio signal
  • Digital output
  • Analog RCA outputs
  • Digital optical input with pass-through capability to the Digital output (no DA/AD signal conversion)
  • Additional micro-USB power plug for non-automotive use


Hi-Res Audio wireless

Up to 24-bit / 96-kHz Hi-Res audio music streaming thanks to LDAC* wireless codec. With 3x the bitrate of standard BLUETOOTH® technology, you can enjoy a superior listening experience for all your music. 

*only for Android devices. 

Absolute Volume

When connected with Audison B-CON hi-res Bluetooth receiver, this feature manages the Master Volume of the Audison Forza bit amp thus ensuring a full dynamic range signal at the input, avoiding loss of signal resolution. To better understand how important the”Absolute Volume” feature is in searching the best audio quality please consider the fact below:

  • The bit depth of the content determines the signal Dynamic Range
  • The original SPDIF specification was for 16 bits of “bit depth”, but now we often use 24 bits with Hi-Res files
  • The SPDIF specification does not include volume support. So, whenever we overlay volume control into the SPDIF data, we lose some bits and the signal quality decreases. Depending on the scenario, we can lose up to 8 bits of dynamic range!!
  • Absolute Volume retains full bit depth!
  • Absolute Volume also allows using the smartphone as a virtual DRC for the Master volume!

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