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SPK OUT 4CH Accessories

Provided cable with four pairs of labeled cables to connect the speakers to the AF M5.11 bit.

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AF M5.11 bit
AF M5.11 bit
AF M5.11 bit boasts five high-fidelity amplified channels 100W x 4 + 400W @4Ω*, 150WP x 4 + 600W @2Ω* with the audiophile sound of the latest generation Audison D-Class technology. Higher switching frequencies, steeper filtering, and higher-tolerance components deliver sound above and beyond the expectation of Class D – in an amazingly compact package! This is combined with native DSP working at 24 bit/96 kHz, extending the audio band up to 40 kHz and earning the coveted High-Resolution certification. Bridging channel pairs results in 200W x 2 + 400W @4Ω*, guaranteeing flexible and powerful performance. Support for the Audison B-CON’s Absolute Volume function guarantees maximum bit depth, even with wireless connections! Output Continuous Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD, all channels driven.
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