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SR 6.600 Amplifier | 1120 W total power | 140 W x 4 + 185 x 2 @2ohm | D-Class

Introducing the Audison SR 6.600: Elevate Your Sound Experience with Hi-Res Audio Certification.

At Audison, our commitment to delivering unparalleled sound quality and innovation in car audio systems remains unwavering. We are thrilled to present our latest masterpiece – the Audison SR 6.600 6-Channel Amplifier with Hi-Res Audio Certification. This amplifier is engineered to redefine your in-car listening experience, setting a new standard in audio excellence.

Unleash the Power of Hi-Res Audio

The Audison SR 6.600 is not just an amplifier; it's a gateway to the world of high-resolution audio. With Hi-Res Audio Certification, you can expect audio playback that preserves every intricate detail and nuance of your favorite tracks. Whether you're a music enthusiast or a professional audiophile, this amplifier will breathe life into your music collection, allowing you to hear it as the artist intended.

Powerful Performance, Distortion-Free Sound

Harnessing cutting-edge technology and over four decades of expertise, the Audison SR 6.600 offers uncompromising power and precision. With six channels of amplification, it can effortlessly drive your entire car audio system, ensuring a balanced and immersive soundstage. Our advanced engineering minimizes distortion, so you can enjoy clean, distortion-free audio even at high volumes.

Versatility Meets Innovation

Versatility is at the core of the SR 6.600's design. It features a flexible crossover network, enabling you to fine-tune your audio output to suit your preferences. Whether you're into thundering bass, crisp highs, or well-defined mids, this amplifier allows you to customize your sound signature with ease.

Built to Last

At Audison, quality and durability are non-negotiable. The SR 6.600 is built to withstand the rigors of the road while maintaining its exceptional performance. Its robust construction ensures longevity, so you can enjoy your enhanced audio experience for years to come.

Seamless Integration

We understand the importance of a seamless installation process. The Audison SR 6.600 is designed with ease of installation in mind. Our engineers have crafted it to be compact and user-friendly, making it a perfect fit for any vehicle. You can trust our amplifier to effortlessly integrate into your car's audio system.

Elevate Your Sound Today

The Audison SR 6.600 6-Channel Amplifier with Hi-Res Audio Certification is a testament to our unwavering dedication to audio excellence. It's more than an amplifier; it's an invitation to embark on a sonic journey like no other. Elevate your in-car sound experience to new heights with the Audison SR 6.600.  Discover the difference. Experience the power of Hi-Res Audio. Upgrade to Audison today.

Amplifier Tech Data

Channels 6
Class D-Class
Efficiency >87%
Hi Level Input Yes
Low Level Input Yes
Digital Input No
Power supply voltage / fuse 11 ÷ 15 VDC
Operating power supply voltage 11 ÷ 15 VDC / 2 x 30A
Idling current 2.2 A
Idling current when off 0.04 mA
Consumption @ 14.4 VDC, 2Ω, Max Musical Power 54 A
Remote OUT 4 ÷ 15 VDC (150 mA)
Remote IN 4 ÷ 15 VDC (1 mA)
ART - Automatic Remote Turn on/off from OUTPUT BTL speakers (Selectable) 1.5 ÷ 7 VDC

Amplifier Stage

Distortion - THD @ 100 Hz, 4Ω, 70% Rated Power 0.05 %
Bandwidth A 10Hz ÷ 42 kHz
S/N ratio A 102 dBA
Damping factor A A Ch/B Ch 100
C Ch 400
Input sensitivity Pre-In 0.32 ÷ 8 VRMS
Pre In Impedance >10 kOhm
Input sensitivity Speaker-In 1.6 ÷ 40 VRMS
Input impedance Speaker-In 3Ohm ÷ 100kOhm (it depends by the Polyfuse specifications)
Total Power RMS 1120 W
Minimum load impedance 6 Ch: 2Ω

3Ch: 4Ω + 4Ω + 2Ω
Output Power (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD 6Ch W RMS @4Ω: 85 x 4 + 110 x 2

6Ch W RMS @2Ω: 140 x 4 + 185 x 2

5Ch W RMS @4Ω: 85 x 4 + 370 x 1

5Ch W RMS @2Ω: 130 x 4 + 600 x 1

4Ch W RMS @4Ω: 280 x 2 + 110 x 2

4Ch W RMS @2Ω: 130 x 2 + 260 x 1 + 600 x 1

3Ch W RMS @4Ω: 280 x 2 + 370 x 1

3Ch W RMS : 280 x 2 @4Ω + 600 x 1 @2Ω
Adjustable Crossover Yes

CEA Specifications

Output power @ 4Ω, 1% THD+N, 14.4 V 75 W x 4 Ch + 85 W x 2 Ch
SN ratio (ref. 1W output) A Ch, B Ch: 84 dBA

C Ch: 84 dBA


Input Type Pre-In / Speaker-In
Filter Pass A Full
Hi-pass: 50 ÷ 500 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct.
Filter Pass B Full
Hi-pass: 50 ÷ 500 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct
Band-pass: 50 ÷ 700 Hz (Hi) / 50 ÷ 5 kHz (Lo) @ 12 dB/Oct
Filter Pass C Full
Hi-pass: 50 ÷ 700 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct
Lo-pass: 50 ÷ 700 Hz @ 12 dB/Oct
Inputs/Outputs Sub CH -
Inputs/Outputs Phase No
Inputs/Outputs Bass Boost No
Inputs/Outputs Subsonic No
Remote Sub Volume (-20 ÷ 6) dB


Weight 2.52 kg


SR 6.600
Dimension A 314 mm
Dimension B 284 mm
Dimension C 155 mm
Dimension D 135 mm
Dimension E 47.4 mm


The optional VCR-S2 subwoofer volume control provides the ability to adapt the subwoofer level to any personal preference and favorite music genre. VCR S2 features a bulletproof Molex connector.
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  • ADC (Audison D-Class) Technology 2Ω stable output providing Hi-Res certified audio
    performance with superior efficiency in a compact size.
  • Extruded aluminum compact design with a fanless convection cooling system.

  • Built-in USS (Universal Speakers Simulator).
  • Balanced high-noise rejection inputs for Speaker-In (for OEM head units) and RCA-In (for
    Aftermarket head units).
  • ART (Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off) automatically turns on/off the amplifier when the OEM head-unit turns on/off (can be enabled/disabled, with Speaker-In
  • Accepts up to 40-volt input signal (Speaker-In).
  • Two output channels bridgeable @2Ω (OUT 5/6).

  • 6 ch output operation mode to create a 3-way system with more powerful outputs for the
  • 5 ch output operation mode to create a five-channel system, with 2Ω subwoofer.

    Bass Boost(50 Hz) adjustable up to 12 dB, to increase the subwoofer punch.

  • Lo-Pass and Hi-Pass 12 dB adjustable (50 Hz to 5000 Hz) filters, providing the ability to build a 3-way system, a front 2-way + rear system, or a front 2-way + one powerful subwoofer (2Ω).
  • Optional VCR-S2/ARC 01 Remote Volume Control provides the ability to adjust the OUT 5/6
    volume level from the dashboard.


Audison D-Class technology

ADT uses a switching frequency twice as fast as many other modern Class D amplifiers using very high-tolerance component parts to keep the timing correct even during temperature extremes. The higher switching frequency of Audison Class D moves noise much farther away from the audible band. Audison Class D amplifiers also use a steeper 4th-order analog lowpass filter, rather than the simpler 2nd-order lowpass filters usually used in competing designs. The steeper filter will keep noise much lower in amplitude – which is good for controlling EMI and preventing infrasonic noise from getting to the tweeters. It also keeps phase shift outside the audible range. The cost is higher – twice as many components are needed for a 4th-order filter compared to the usual 2nd-order filter, and each output channel needs its own filter – but Audison determined through exhaustive listening testing that this design was the best-sounding approach.


According to the definition of Hi-Res audio provided by JAS (Japan Audio Society), this amplifier exceeds the above 40 kHz bandwith analog requirement.


Universal Speaker Simulator technology on high-level inputs for maximum compatibility with any type of Head-Unit OEM Source.

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