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TH 3.0 II voce Mid Range | 110 W Peak Power | 70 mm | 4 ohm

The human auditory system processes the range of medium frequencies with maximum sensitivity and selectivity because it makes the voice intelligible from the rest of the audio spectrum.The R & amp;D team started from this simple principle to design from scratch the TH 3.0 II VOCE, dedicated to this fundamental range of frequencies, with the simple as well as ambitious target of extreme linearity, in order not to add or hide anything of the signal reproduced, enhancing in this way every nuance.ULTRA HIGH CONTROLThe extremely powerful custom N38 H-grade Neodymium magnet ensures unmatched control of the mobile group and the aluminium ring nullifies the intermodulation distortion otherwise generated at peak excursions.EXTREME LINEARITYThrough finite element simulation (FEM) the Audison R & amp;D team has optimized the break-up point between cone/surround, obtaining an ultra-linear frequency response in the mid-range.The generous 30 mm CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon) voice coil wound with flat wire gives the TH 3.0 II Voce an extraordinary excursion and minimizes at the same time the cone non-linearity.TPX® CONETH 3 II Voce membrane is made of TPX®, a transparent material that ensures frequency response linearity leaving the speaker interior in full view.

Technical Specs

Size 70 mm
Power Handling - Peak 110 W
Power Handling - Continuous 55 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency Response 110 ÷ 5700 Hz
Voice Coil Ø 30.5 mm
Woofer Qes 0,52
Xmax 3.3 mm

Electric-acoustic Specs

D 66.75 mm
Re 3.4 Ohm
Fs 100 Hz
Vas 1.01 l
Mms 4.3 g
Cms 0.59 mm/N
BL 4.2 T•m
Qms 5.5
Qts 0.48
Le Standard 0.18 mH
Spl 85.6 dB


Weight 0.25 kg


Dimension A 84 mm
Dimension B 73.5 mm
Dimension C 45 mm
Dimension D 37 mm
Dimension E 89 mm
Dimension F 18


THG 3.0 II
THG 3.0 II
THG 3.0 II optional mesh grilles can be defined with only one word: unique. They are made with finest steel without any compromise, to overcome the absolute.
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  • 30,5 mm mobile voice coil in CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon)
    wound with flat wire to maximize the force factor and heat dissipation. 
  • Aluminium demodulation ring which linearizes the high excursion
    intermodulation distortion, canceling any sound colorations.
  • N38 “H-grade neodymium magnet included in the voice coil to obtain
    superior control of the mobile crew and superior thermal stability. 
  • Motor geometry designed using finite element simulation software to
    optimize efficiency by concentrating the magnetic field in the gap. 
  • Membrane made of TPX®, a transparent material that reduces
    frequency response irregularities and provides a view of the inside of
    the speaker. 
  • Membrane geometry designed by simulation software to obtain
    homogeneous directivity.
  • Optimized cone/surround break-up with extensive simulations to
    linearize the response at medium frequencies.
  • Basket made of a single piece of die-cast aluminium with four pairs of
    spokes for maximum rigidity without slowing down the air flow. 
  • Suspension and spider with very high excursion, optimized with
    simulations of the multi-physical behavior of the speaker.
  • eID technology for the traceability of TH 3.0 II Item from production to

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