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TH 6.5 II sax Woofer | 300 W Peak Power | 165 mm | 4 ohm

TOTAL TRANSPARENCYThe TH 6.5 II Sax was born from a blank sheet with the aim of overcoming all the limits dictated by compromise-oriented design choices. This philosophy allowed us to obtain extreme performance and a design projected into the future, faithful to the inspiring principle of maximum transparency of the musical message. MAXIMUM LINEARITY, MINIMUM INDUCTANCE, EXCELLENT VENTILATIONThe magnetic circuit uses a N48 H-grade Neodymium magnet that releases a very high quantity of energy and is ultra stable in temperature, ensuring an unparalleled dynamic. The geometry of the magnetic group has been optimized through a finite element simulation software to maximize efficiency by concentrating the magnetic field in the gap. A great deal of research has been carried out to reduce the modulation of the voice coil inductance by magnetically saturating the motor pole and using an aluminium short-circuit ring that also allows a greater extension towards the mid frequencies.TOTAL ABSENCE OF MECHANICAL COMPRESSIONThe development of the suspension system, a crucial element for each transducer, required a long research work: the development team created computational models to simulate every aspect of the multi-physical behavior of the loudspeaker. The spider was designed thanks to a long series of mechanical simulations performed to define its structure: a large elastic surface with 5 waves, ensuring an improved distribution of the elastic force; waves profile and gluing optimized to obtain the best symm etry in the voice coil and basket connection areas; spider composition made of a mix of two fibers to achieve the best elastic linearity, without mechanical compression effects even at high excursion levels.Like the spider, the surround was also designed using mechanical simulations. The result is guaranteed by: use of natural rubber IIR; profile optimized to ensure wide excursion; maximization of linear elastic behavior without mechanical compression effects.TOTAL ABSENCE OF THERMAL COMPRESSIONThe 50 mm mobile coil in CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon), wound with flat wire to obtain a very compact winding, maximizes the force factor and at the same time allows for optimal heat dissipation.TOTAL ABSENCE OF AERODYNAMIC COMPRESSIONThe mechanical structure of the TH 6.5 II is a perfect combination of design and performance. The aluminium alloy basket incorporates all the components ensuring high precision in the various couplings. The structure featuring four pairs of spokes allows for solidity and damping of the vibrations offering very low resistance to the cone air flow. The wide spider distributes the elastic load optimally. A generously sized hole, protected by a filter cloth, prevents air compression phenomena under the spider, eliminating deleterious resonance at medium frequencies. The central opening in the bottom-plate ensures optimal decompression of the air column inside the voice coil and the output expanded material diffuses the turbulences and protects it from ingoing foreign bodies.

Technical Specs

Size 165 mm
Power Handling - Peak 300 W
Power Handling - Continuous 150 W
Impedance 4 Ohm
Frequency Response 40 ÷ 4500 Hz
Magnet Material NEODYMIUM
Voice Coil Ø 50 mm
Woofer Qes 0,47
Cone Material TPX®
Xmax 5.4 mm

Electric-acoustic Specs

D 130 mm
Re 3.8 Ohm
Fs 55 Hz
Vas 8.6 l
Mms 24.2 g
Cms 0.35 mm/N
BL 8.2 T•m
Qms 5.3
Qts 0.43
Le Standard 0.43 mH
Spl 87 dB


Weight 1.25 kg


Dimension A 165 mm
Dimension B 143 mm
Dimension C 84 mm
Dimension D 74.5 mm
Dimension E 170.5 mm
Dimension F 30


THG 6.5 II
THG 6.5 II
THG 6.5 II optional mesh grilles can be defined with only one word: unique. They are made with finest steel without any compromise, to overcome the absolute.
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  • 50 mm mobile voice coil in CCAR (Copper Clad Aluminum Ribbon)
    wound with flat wire to maximize the force factor and heat dissipation.
  • Low inductance of the mobile voice coil to optimize the emission in
    medium-high band (2-3 kHz).
  • N48 “H-gradeneodymium magnet with superb thermal stability to
    guarantee an optimal dynamic reserve in every situation.
  • Magnetic group geometry designed using finite element simulation
    software to maximize efficiency by concentrating the magnetic field in
    the gap.
  • Membrane made of TPX®, a transparent material that reduces the
    frequency response irregularities in the mid-high band, leaving the
    speaker interior in full view.
  • Membrane geometry designed using simulation software, to obtain a
    smooth emission over all the listening angles.
  • Basket made of a single piece of die-cast aluminium featuring four
    pairs of spokes to optimize heat transfer, nullify turbulent airflows and
    ensure maximum structural rigidity.
  • Hi-excursion suspension and spider, optimized with simulations of the
    loudspeaker multi-physical behavior.
  • eID technology providing TH 6.5 II traceability starting from the
    manufacturing stage up to the owner.

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