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Audison products are warranted for the period fixed by current laws, under normal functioning conditions, against defects concerning materials or their manufacturing. Warranty is valid from the date of purchase, certified by receipt.

eID Technology

The exclusive eID technology – which has been applied for the first time to the Thesis speakers line – provides product traceability starting from the manufacturing stage.

The eID code, linked to the serial number, is assigned to the product once the QC checks are completed and assigned to the country/market of destination at the time of shipment. Thanks to the eID technology, the user can check the product technical, manufacturing and logistic information by simply scanning the code and proceeding with the product registration, to enjoy one additional year of warranty coverage (in those countries where the agreement with the partner has been made).


products eID registration

Warranty is not valid if:

– the product is damaged by incidents, installations and inadequate use or by any causes not depending on materials or manufacturing defects;

– the product is modified or tampered by unauthorised people;

– its serial number is disguised or cancelled.

When the product is under warranty, the manufacturer will decide whether to repair or replace its defective parts. The faulty product must be taken to the retailer where it was purchased, by showing the warranty certificate completely filled in. In case the product is no longer under warranty, it will be repaired at current costs.We don’t assume liabilities for damages due to transport. We are not responsible for: costs or loss of profits due to impossibility of using the product, other accidental or possible costs, expenses or damages met by the customer. Warranty according to effective laws.


Unfortunately there are some fake Audison products available on the market acquired through illegal or questionable methods, being sold by non-authorized dealers.

These goods are made from sub-standard materials which do not meet the rigorous quality control standards of Audison, and cannot provide you with the real Audison experience.

It is our most sincere wish to safeguard our customers:

We advise you to protect your investment and yourself from potential complications by buying only from authorized dealers!

If you see or have purchased a product that you think is counterfeit, please report it to us at fake@elettromedia.it


Listed below are a few facts for you to consider:


When purchasing from an unauthorized dealer, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a genuine Audison product.

You also run the risk that your purchase may be damaged or is not brand new.

The product’s ability to reliably reproduce the sound quality and performance Audison is famous for is often compromised.

You deserve an authentic Audison product: accept no imitations, second, or fake products!


Elettromedia warranty ONLY applies to products purchased from authorized dealers. Units purchased on the internet through discount websites, mail order outlets or through any other unauthorized source are not entitled to our factory warranty coverege. In order to avoid detection, non-authorized dealers have been known to remove the original serial number and replace it with one of thei own. Removal or alteration of the original Audison serial number will automatically void the warranty.


Only Audison authorized dealers are fully trained to provide you with proper system design, up to date product information, pre and after-sale service and reliable technical support. Our qualified authorized dealers are there for you support! Unauthorized dealers do not receive any of our factory training and are not qualified to properly advise and support your investment. Only genuine Audison products purchased through our authorized dealer network will be backed by Elettromedia.

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