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Coming directly from the know-how of the exceptional Thesis line,
Voce components takes the experience of listening in the car to a new level of excellence.

Project innovation, advanced design, benchmark performance; the synthesis of consolidated know-how applied to car audio systems.
The Voce project was born to make Thesis sound quality available to a wider – but no less demanding – audience. The development of these components took advantage of the major innovations introduced while designing the Thesis line: analog and digital technologies combined using different classes of configuration for amplifiers, reduction of the main sources of non-linear distortion, linearization of acoustic and electric loads, control of cone and diaphragm resonance for speakers. To achieve these goals it was necessary to develop new circuit solutions, increase heat capacity,
design new moulds for baskets and diaphragms and define new assembly procedures and quality control.

A delicate balance of analysis and refinement led us to results exceeding
our expectations and set a new benchmark for the category.


The project of these new loudspeakers started from the drawing of the motor assemblies as well as their delicate interaction with the voice coil assembly, to obtain a linear magnetic flux, stability of the magnet working point and of the modulation of the coil inductance.

The result derives from an over-optimization of geometries and materials; the voice coil of all the components were made in extremely light Copper Clad Aluminium Wire, on Kapton former. The woofer surrounds re-use the tested profile developed for the Thesis components: triple wave in Butyl rubber for the surround and Nomex fabric for the spider.

The new die-cast baskets of AV 5, AV 6.5, AV 10 and AV 12 models take inspiration from the Thesis characteristics, and thanks to a delicate optimizing action they meet the two main requirements expected from these components: linearity in acoustic load on the back of the membrane and absence of mechanical resonances in the band-pass.

The same attention to mechanical design was devoted to the structure of the AV 1.1 tweeter; its front acoustic load is extremely linear, maximizing off-axis response; the rear damping chamber features an annular geometry, adjusting its characteristics with the needs of the membrane, also using an efficient and linear damping material, especially developed for this tweeter.

The woofer and subwoofer super-light membranes are made out of treated cotton fibre and pressed-paper, with a finish ensuring control of the break-up resonances in mid-high range, while the classic Tetolon has been employed on the tweeter, the same mixed silk and cotton texture used for the magnificent Thesis TH 1.5 tweeter.
Maximum attention has been put on thermal behaviour; for the new Voce components, a proprietary cooling system has been designed into the basket (located underneath the spider) and into the magnetic assembly.

The air flow through the radial vents combined with the air flow running through the central decompression vent allows optimum working temperature of the voice coil assembly. 

The AV X5 and AV X6.5 coax speakers are the evolution of the woofers from the same line, thanks to the introduction of an excellent 1” Tetolon dome tweeter, along with a refined dedicated crossover.
The Orientable High Frequency Tuning technology also provides the ability to optimize dispersion in high range to achieve the best performance in the
listening point.
The AV CX 2W MB crossover is especially thought for the AV K5 and AV K6 two-way complete systems, shaping their acoustic response to achieve a consistent, harmonious sound in any vehicle, also offering the acoustic controls necessary to achieve the best balance according to one’s own taste.
The AV CX 2W MH crossover is dedicated to the mid-high speakers of a three-way multi-amplified system, providing the ability to use multiple woofer sections, for maximum flexibility and absolute performance.

With bit Drive, Audison delivers the DSP software of the future. It configures itself for each product it controls, allowing it to control bit products we haven’t even imagined yet!

Up to 14 DSP outputs allows Forza’s DSP section to manage a larger system easily.

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